Getting a Taste of Richmond’s Food Scene


Long before I moved to Richmond, I knew I wanted to write for Richmond Magazine. It’s a beautiful publication and a great resource for anyone who lives in the city. So I was excited to get my first story published in the magazine in January, and I’ve been contributing every month since. The photo above is from my article on shopping with chefs, where I tagged along with chefs to find out how they buy groceries. I’ve also written about chefs using winter citrus¬†and a wacky new place called GWARbar.


The Humble Biscuit


Two summers ago I interviewed chef Nathalie Dupree about her cookbook, Southern Biscuits. An excerpt from my story:

Despite the fact that biscuits were once staples of everyday cooking, they’re now surrounded by an air of mystery, particularly to a generation whose matriarchs are more likely to head off to work in the morning than slave over a hot stove all day. Without that precedent, modern cooks often opt for Pillsbury rather than go through the trouble of making them from scratch. Which is a shame, if you ask any biscuit purist.

You can read the full story here.