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Lauren Lail

As an occasional collector and seller of vintage clothes, I’m blown away by people like Lauren Lail. She always finds the most amazing vintage pieces for her collection, like quilted Dior purses and full-skirted 1950s party dresses. But while she’s still collecting vintage, she recently decided to branch out and create a brand-new vintage-inspired collection. The results are really lovely. My article on Lauren is right here.


Style Superlatives.


One of my favorite issues to put together is City Paper’s annual Style Issue, which coincides with Charleston Fashion Week. I like to use the issue to highlight local stylish people, mixing it up with a fun theme every year. This time around, I decided to go with a Senior Superlatives sort of approach — “Class Clown,” “Best Hair,” “Most Dramatic.” Check out the full package here.

Prep School.

Photo by Jonathan Boncek

You may have seen K. Cooper Ray’s Social Primer reversible bow ties at Brooks Brothers, and he recently came out with his first solo collection. I caught up with the designer before he headed off to New York Fashion Week.

“You see me out dressed, and half the time some might consider me a clown,” Ray says. “I really push the limits of go-to-hell prep. My reasoning for doing that, other than I’m just an eccentric kook, is that I feel like if I’m dressed really eccentrically, I feel like the other guys out there will see me and think, OK, I can go another step further. At least no one’s going to look at me, they’re looking at him.”

Read more choice quotes from Ray here.

Birds of a Feather.

What started as a heartfelt, handmade gift for his groomsmen has turned into a lucrative little business for Charleston-based entrepreneur Ben Ross.

“There aren’t a lot of other things in fashion as traditional, clean, and sacred as a bowtie, and then since we tweaked it just a little bit, it becomes something completely different and hopefully better than the original,” Plotner says.

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