The Underworld.


This article wasn’t the first time I wrote about someone who got their start playing in the subway (see Ebony Hillbillies), but it was the first time I interviewed someone who got YouTube famous for playing Taylor Swift on his violin. But Rhett Price is working hard to be more than YouTube famous. You can read all about his plans here.


Channeling Vonnegut.

ImageI’ve been working as the editor of Playbill magazine in Boston for a few months now, which has given me the opportunity to interview some pretty amazing theater people. Take Nicky SIlver, an award-winning playwright who was recently tasked with reworking an unpublished Kurt Vonnegut script. He was incredibly candid.

“I read Slaughterhouse Five when I was in college, but I didn’t know anything really about Kurt Vonnegut. I really went because a friend of mine adores Kurt Vonnegut. I thought, well, I’ll go and see if I can get my hands on this script that they’re talking about and I’ll make a copy and give it to my friend, because he’ll be so excited.

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