The Humble Biscuit


Two summers ago I interviewed chef Nathalie Dupree about her cookbook, Southern Biscuits. An excerpt from my story:

Despite the fact that biscuits were once staples of everyday cooking, they’re now surrounded by an air of mystery, particularly to a generation whose matriarchs are more likely to head off to work in the morning than slave over a hot stove all day. Without that precedent, modern cooks often opt for Pillsbury rather than go through the trouble of making them from scratch. Which is a shame, if you ask any biscuit purist.

You can read the full story here.


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Lauren Lail

As an occasional collector and seller of vintage clothes, I’m blown away by people like Lauren Lail. She always finds the most amazing vintage pieces for her collection, like quilted Dior purses and full-skirted 1950s party dresses. But while she’s still collecting vintage, she recently decided to branch out and create a brand-new vintage-inspired collection. The results are really lovely. My article on Lauren is right here.

Falling for Johnnyswim

ImageAfter six years of working as a professional journalist, I still get nervous interviewing some people — especially people who are as beautiful as the couple behind Johnnyswim. This rootsy duo recently played a show at the Spoleto Festival, and I chatted with them beforehand about everything from meeting on Myspace to volunteering in orphanages. Turns out, they’re both so sweet, my anxiety melted away in about two minutes. Check out the interview here.