Karen Ann Myers.

ImageI got a chance to interview one of my favorite Charleston artists in her home studio last week. Karen Ann Myers is known for her intimate paintings of women in their bedrooms (though actually, they’re in Karen’s bedroom). A bit about her process:

In the right-brain-dominated art world, she’s a bit of an anomaly. The self-professed control freak doesn’t like to draw. Instead, she meticulously plans out every piece on her computer, pulling from a digital archive of photographs and images she’s collected over the years. “Every time I start a painting, I look through my collection of photographs that I have taken of rugs, photographs of bedding, wherever,” she says, pointing out a chair in one painting that she spotted in an Athens hotel room. “That’s my version of a sketchbook … I’m the weird person in a restaurant saying, oooh, this chair’s really awesome, and getting up and photographing it from an aerial perspective.”

Here’s a link to the full article.


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