Asian Cocktails

This round-up of Asian-inspired cocktails was published in the most recent issue of Swig. My favorite find?

Photo by Jonathan Boncek

Seido Sling at Gin Joint

Because of the Seido Sling’s somewhat medicinal qualities, the Gin Joint’s Joe Raya originally wanted to use the Japanese word for penicillin in the name — that is, until he realized the proper pronunciation of the word called to mind a certain part of the male anatomy. “Late at night that would get pretty funny,” Raya admits, but he went with “seido” instead, a word that means precision — something the expert bartenders at the speakeasy-style joint know all about. “We wanted to make a really awesome Japanese whiskey cocktail,” Raya says of the drink, and he decided to go with a sling formula. It’s an old-school technique that blends a spirit, lemon juice, sugar, and soda water. “There’s not really a firm definition, but the name comes from the way you drink it, sort of slinging it back,” he says. The Seido Sling blends 12-year-old Yamazaki whiskey, fresh yuzu juice, ginger, and honey. Now, the Gin Joint likes to keep their menu fresh, so you won’t find the Seido Sling listed anymore, but they’re always ready to whip one up — and they often do, because the drink has earned many fans since its inception. “When we took it off the menu, people were pretty pissed off,” Raya laughs.

Read the full article here.


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